Hi, I'm Jenny! I'm a classically trained photographer (i.e.: I know my way around a darkroom) but embraced the digital age with open arms. Now, I use my B.S. in Photography and Professional Photographer Certification to create artistic images of the highest quality for my clients.

  My studio is located downtown, and is a wonderful option for year-round shooting. But I think the ideal setting is to photograph families in their own homes, surrounded by the familiar. I like to imagine these families, years down the road, looking back at their in-home portraits and not only remembering each
other, but also the rooms, the places and things that surrounded them. It makes my soul happy.
Soooo, I feel like this is a good time for me to let you know I harbor an undying love for cats. If you need proof, you should really follow me on Instagram.
Also, if we were to ever travel together (what? it could happen), you should also be forewarned that I've been known to drive miles out of my way to visit random roadside attractions. I mean, how else would I discover that half of my family could fit inside the world's largest toilet? Sometimes a person needs to find these things out for herself.
I know you're thinking there can't possibly be more to this amazing person, but there is! I have two children who are pretty much geniuses and a husband who has more Legos than a large school of Danish children. So, what I'm saying is, if you made it this far, I think we're a perfect fit and I cannot wait to work with you!